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White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime


We can help you with:

Internal Investigations
Assisting with investigations, from their earliest stages, of potential misconduct by corporate employees/officers.

Health Care Fraud
Responding to allegations ranging from Medicare/Medicaid fraud to false billing practices to anti-kickback and anti-referral violations, along with all major areas currently targeted by governmental enforcement efforts.

Corporate Compliance and Self-Governance Programs
Developing and implementing programs to reduce corporate exposure to civil fines and criminal sanctions, along with reviewing all current codes and practices to verify that they are up-to-date with current laws.

Environmental Liability
Conducting environmental audits and assisting with investigation, defense, and any necessary remediation of charges ranging from fraud on the EPA to Clean Air and Clean Water Act violations to illegal storage and disposal of hazardous waste under RCRA, among other areas.

Grand Jury Investigations
Representing officers, directors, and employees through all stages including preparation for grand jury appearances, negotiating global settlements and immunity agreements with U.S. Attorneys and the Department of Justice and assisting with grand jury subpoenas for document production.

Defense Contractor Fraud
Defending against, and working to avoid suspension and debarment for, alleged false cost reporting, contracting violations, test manipulation and time-traveling, violations of False Claims Act and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and other time and billing issues.

Administrative and Regulatory Board Proceedings
Appearing for a wide spectrum of matters including government contract bid protests/claims, state and federal proceedings to contest permit conditions and limitations, compliance requirements and penalty assessments in the environmental arena.

Securities Regulation
Representing companies and individuals in civil and criminal matters relating to S.E.C. investigations; alleged securities disclosure violations; fraud and deceptive practices under state Blue Sky laws, the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934; and other alleged misconduct by broker/dealers and purchasers including churning, inadequate supervision, unprompted solicitation, inappropriate investment selection, dealing in unregistered securities, insider trading, and tipper/tippee liability.

Trial and Appellate Representation
Defending corporations and individuals through all stages of trial and any appellate hearings.

U.S. Customs Fraud
Assisting companies with complying with General Rules of Interpretation for appropriate classification of goods, responding to U.S. Customs' subpoenas, seeking pre-entry review and duty drawbacks, and defending allegations of misclassification of imported goods.

Criminal Antitrust Violations
Assisting companies with structural programs aimed at the internal detection and discouragement of antitrust violations as well as the defense of allegations of price-fixing, bid-rigging, territorial and customer allocations, group boycotts, solicitations to violate the Sherman Act, unlawful exchanges of price information, and consumer fraud.


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