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Joseph Rohe and Kurt Rozelsky to Present Transportation Webinar March 15, 2016

Joseph Rohe and Kurt Rozelsky to Present Transportation Webinar March 15, 2016

March 15, 2016

In today's expanding global economy, US Customs regulations increasingly impact motor carriers and transportation intermediaries involved in the handling of freight moving across US borders. In order to assist those entities in Customs compliance matters, Smith Moore Leatherwood will present a one-hour webinar on March 15, 2016, addressing the following topics:

  • The C-TPAT Program: Benefits and the Application Process—The C-TPAT program is a voluntary supply chain security partnership program between US Customs and international carriers, consolidators, and 3PLs. Among other benefits, the program provides for decreased inspections and priority processing. We will discuss how the program works, the benefits of participation, security criteria, and the application and validation process.
  • Movement of In-bond Freight—In-bond freight may move by truck, rail, or air inside the United States but is considered to be "outside the Customs territory" as it has not been formally "entered" into the United States and remains untaxed. As such, in-bond freight is subject to certain US Customs regulations and may only be handled by carriers properly bonded with US Customs and subject to certain regulations. We will review what constitutes in-bond freight, how it must be handled, the requirements imposed by US Customs, and the bonding process.
  • IMO Container Weight Verification Requirements—Beginning July 1, the weight of all containers loaded aboard vessels must be verified. While this obligation ultimately falls on shippers, carriers and transportation intermediaries should be aware of and versed on these new requirements.
  • INCOTERMS 2010—We will conclude with a brief discussion of the recent revisions to INCOTERMS and their importance to the transportation community.

The webinar will be presented by Smith Moore Leatherwood attorney and US Customs broker Joseph Rohe and will be moderated by Kurt Rozelsky.

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