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When environmental issues arise, companies often find themselves enmeshed in a web of complex regulations, high costs and uncertainty.  Our attorneys help bring common sense and practical solutions to these situations.  Whether you are buying or selling property, obtaining permits for a new process or dealing with contaminated property, we can help.

Why choose us?
With decades of experience, we understand the science and quickly grasp the issues.  We understand how companies think, and what their needs are.  We get to the point.  We are respected by the regulators and know the procedures they follow.  We are recognized by our peers as leaders in our field.  The result:  you receive practical, no-nonsense advice that makes sense for your business.

We regularly participate in all aspects of permitting, particularly when the proposed land use or process faces community opposition.  We have handled the siting of a number of landfills for municipal solid waste, construction and demolition debris, and industrial materials.  We help develop permitting strategies, prepare permit applications, negotiate with permitting authorities, participate in public hearings, and when necessary, contest the terms and conditions of final permits or defend against challenges to our clients' permits.  We have experience in all major permitting areas including air, wastewater, storm water, solid and hazardous waste, wetlands and water quality certifications.

Investigation and Remediation
We know and understand the intricacies and distinctions of the various laws that apply to contaminated sites, as well as the regulators who administer these programs and make the decisions. In addition to our substantive knowledge of the applicable laws, we have the technical knowledge to work with environmental consultants to develop a cost-effective strategy for investigation and, when necessary, remediation of contamination.

Business Transactions
We advise buyers, sellers, developers and lenders about environmental risks and opportunities in all types of real estate and business transactions. To make a transaction a success, we frequently incorporate creative strategies such as environmental insurance, brownfields liability protection, purchase price adjustments and remediation escrows to manage or eliminate environmental risks and costs to our clients.

CERCLA Matters
We handle numerous governmental and private-party actions under CERCLA and related statutes throughout the United States.  Our roles have included serving as group counsel, as de minimis group counsel, and as chair of the Steering Committee at major Superfund sites.  We currently are involved in CERCLA sites in 12 states, and our experience extends to many other states as well.

Thought Leadership



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